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Friday, May 18, 2007

Cincinnati Chili Update

An anonymous reader has given me a few tips on Cincinnati chili. I am excited to quote the reader here:

"The way they get the meat so fine in Cincy chili is to put the meat, raw, into water and beat it with a fork (I use my hands, I find it easier to insure no lumps, don't try to use a whisk, it makes a mess).
The easiest way to make it yourself is to go to the store and with the powdered sauces you'll find a blue packet labeled Cincinnati Recipe Chili Mix. I buy it at Kroger, I'm in Louisville BTW. Kroger also sells several varieties of canned Cincy chili (Skyline, Red Star and the canned version of the Cincinnati Recipe chili) as well as frozen Skyline, but IMO they are all too expensive.
I have tried many recipes found from the internet and word of mouth, have also been to Cincy many times, and honestly the packet stuff is really good.
The main flavors of Cincy chili are chili powder (obviously), cinnamon, allspice and clove. From there you will find enough secret ingredients to make your head explode, from unsweetened chocolate, to coacoa powder, to vanilla, to molasses, to creamy peanut butter (something that definitely isn't in Skyline considering I've never seen a peanut allergy warning anywhere in sight), to anise powder, etc. I have no less than 12 recipes that were guaranteed to be the real thing, all originating from someone who had some connection, intimate or otherwise, with the founders, their descendants or the early days of the restaurants. None of those are the same recipe each having some other funky ingredient to the list."
That is great information and I think my quest for Cincinnati chili has been pushed along greatly. I also did a little more research and I have found some scattered information regarding the origins of Cincinnati chili. I am trying to verify everything as well as possible. What I can say right now is that there appears to be a strong connection between Greece, Coney Island and Cincinnati chili. Very exciting stuff coming your way soon.

The same reader has also found a Taco Tico going up in the Louisville metro area. I am very excited by this prospect to say the least.