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Monday, May 14, 2007

80's Car Lingo Primer

All this talk about suped-up cars got me thinking about how we used to describe cars in the 80's. Not everyone had cars like this, mostly just teenagers with mullets. Here is a prime example:
The above car is "jacked up" with "mags". Jacked up means that the back end has a lift kit in it so that the rear of the car sits higher than the front. Mags are the style of wheel shown in the photo with spokes. Traditionally mag wheels were made of magnesium so that they would be lighter than steel wheels and could be used for racing. In the 80's, the had mag wheels but I very seriously doubt that any of the wheels were actually made of magnesium. In my town, mags also meant that the rear wheels were both larger diameter and width. The Chevy Nova is an excellent choice to jack up and put mags on, especially a 1967 Nova like in the photo.

Here is another Nova, a 1972, also an excellent choice to jack up and put mags on.
This one also appears to be suped-up, as evidenced by the non-stock reverse scoop hood. Looks can be deceiving though. Most of these cars had only exterior modifications like wheels, a louder exhaust and maybe a hood. People are doing the 'exterior only' modifications even today. Take for instance this car:
Of particular interest is the non-functional and completely ridiculous wing, the bumblebee exhaust, the modified tail lights and the cheap snap on rims. Some 80's cars may have been modified just for appearance as well. At least they had V-8's.

Here is a Mustang with mag wheels and a small amount of jacking up. Another very popular choice.
He also has an option which is a status symbol amongst mulletheads. Notice the hood locks on the front there. You wouldn't want some random mullet lifting up your hood and steeling some of your chromed hoses.

Here is a very fine example. You see a '64 Chevelle which has been jacked up, has mags and has been "blown." Having a car that has been "blown" means that the car has a "blower." You can see the modified hood which is needed to accommodate a blower.
It also appears that he has a pretty sweet roll bar in the back seat.

My dream car, only in black, is shown below.
I can do without the orange color and the Confederate crap. I want a Charger like the one in the movie Bullitt.
There it is, my perfect car. A 1968 Dodge Charger which has been jacked up with mags! Booyaah!

I like the new Charger too.
The problem is they made it with 4 doors. You can put a 40,000,000,000 horsepower engine in a 4 door car but it is still a grocery getter. I am holding out for the new Challenger.
It is coming out later this year. I want one that is all black with a badass hemi. BOOM!