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Monday, May 14, 2007

Cincinnati Chili Update

A few days ago I posted about Cincinnati chili. I have a report to make. There is a branch of Skyline Chili about 2 blocks from my apartment that I never noticed before. It is supposed to be one of the originators of the whole Cincinnati chili thing. I stopped by and for $5 I got 2 Coney dogs, fries and a drink.

Some observations:
1) Whoever came up with the idea of miniature hot dogs is a genius. The hot dogs were like 4 inches long and the smallest hot dogs I've ever seen. When I first saw the special for 2 dogs, fries and drink for $5 I thought to myself 'that sounds like a good deal.' I used to get the 2 dog special at Chipmunks on Diversey Street in Chicago. Chipmunks served 2 delicious Chicago Style hot dogs, fries and a drink for $2. Yes $2!! It was some sort of a weird holdover from the 1950's though and I've never seen a deal that good anywhere else. The Skyline 2 dog special was pretty good and I think I got my money's worth and just barely, but it was a very enjoyable lunch.
2) The Cincinnati Chili served at our branch of Skyline Chili is not serving anything that I would say remotely resembles chili, which makes me think that I need to do a road trip up to Cincinnati to investigate. I would describe the Skyline Chili Coney dogs as very similar to what the wife and I got at Nathan's on Coney Island. Back in early 2001 we made a trek to NYC and stopped by there for Coney Dogs.
3) Skyline Chili has way more Cinnamon than what I made. It also has a much finer texture, making me thing that they puree the chili before serving it. It also has no beans and much less tomato sauce.
4) I guess the chili I have had in Louisville really is peculiar to Louisville. I think it was inspired by Cincinnati chili but people just made Texas Style chili and added spaghetti noodles to it.

Anyway I'm definitely making a pilgrimage to Cincinnati for some serious chili. I am going to try to find a neighborhood joint that still makes their own chili every day.