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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Herb Garden Update

One of our neighbors is some sort of a granola who grows all these crazy herbs. She was walking by and spyed our herb garden. She liked it but said we should plant one more herb in each pot. We decided to plant a dill plant, a new kind of basil and some horehound. I am just beginning to learn about horehound. It seems there are many uses for the plant. The leaves are boiled to make tea or syrup which is supposed to be unrivaled for cough. It is also made into a hard candy. I am researching the mysterious methods of making horehound candy and should have a recipe along with report once my plant gets a little bigger. I took a few pinches off the plant yesterday so that it would branch out a little more. Our granola neighbor suggested it. I took the leaves and made a tea. It was tasty and it reminded me of an especially good root beer. I think there may be some horehound flavored root beer in my future. I wasn't coughing yesterday but I am absolutely positive that I won't cough now. Good stuff.
I also planted a small Thai pepper plant called the punjab lal. It is supposed to be like cayenne but ridiculously hotter. I plan to dry the peppers and make them into hot sauce and into crushed red pepper for the top of pasta dishes and pizza.

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