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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ledyard Oatfest '06

I recently received photos from the Ledyard Oatfest for 2006 from our man in the field. Someone up there has 3 acres of oats and every year for the past 4 years they have a communal threshing of the oats. They are using old school equipment with all these belts going crazy pulling off limbs etc. Here is a photo that I took of a similar event at the Wyandotte County Agricultural Hall of Fame.

At that particular event they also had a tractor pull.

My photos from Ledyard indicate that similar things were occurring up there. They had all kinds of old tractors that were no doubt hauling ass all over town. I would also suspect that the Ledyard participants were more adept at the whole business, practicing their art for real, instead of for demonstration purposes. If my previous experience with such events is any indication, no doubt a sizable quantity of Hamm's, Grain Belt, and Schmidt beer was consumed after all the moving parts were quieted.