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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Kentucky Road Trip

Yesterday we decided to take a little road trip to Gravel Switch, Kentucky.

Why Gravel Switch, you ask? Just south of town there is an old general store called Penn's Store. It is the oldest general store in the country. They were having a motorcycle rally, antique car show, musicfest and outhouse race.

I plotted a course and we set out. It was only 70 miles but the roads there are really winding and people drive at least 5 miles an hour under the speed limit in Kentucky. It also doesn't help when the baby is driving.

We got there and it was a little sketchy. There were half a dozen motorcycles and probably 15 antique cars. They had some live bands playing like crazy on banjos. They also had a few tents selling food.

I got a burger from the Cattleman's Convention and the wife and baby had pulled pork from a local BBQ joint. We decided to check out the general store.

They had a selection of old-time general store wares.

They also had some of the new-fangled wares.

After a brief tour of the store we watched an outhouse race.

Then, seeing not much else to do, we left. We went through historic Bardstown on the way down and I spied some interesting things, including "My Old Kentucky Home" State Park. That is another trip and another tank of gas.