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Monday, September 04, 2006

Kentucky State Fair

We went to the Kentucky State Fair this year. Our first attempt was thwarted. We got stuck in a traffic jam on the way there and after about 1/2 hour the baby was fed up. She threw such a big fit that she barfed all over the car.

The next morning we went and there was no traffic.

Being from Iowa, I am an expert on state fairs. Kentucky's was pretty good, but it just wasn't the same. It was in a concrete parking lot, and all the shows were in air conditioned convention buildings.

We walked through the midway and saw some stands that are pretty standard.

We walked through the livestock barns first. They had some Brunhilda looking cows, but nothing quite as big as the Behemoths we grow in Iowa.

Thats OK. Not everyone can raise up monstrous cows or grow miles and miles of luscious corn. Kentucky does raise excellent race horses. They also grow a lot of fine tobacco.

Kentuckians are also adept at owning ugly lamps.

We walked through all the exhibits. They had the manditory bee and honey exhibit. They also had a flea market which was sadly not quite as various or flea-ish as the one at the Iowa State Fair.

Here is a photo of someone about to enjoy here very first funnel cake!