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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Mississippi Trip

I just got back from Jackson Mississippi! I was down there interviewing for a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery fellowship. If you are interested in my progress with that particular aspect of my life you can check my other blog. I put a link to it on the left of the page. Hopefully I will match somewhere and I won't have to hunt for a hand fellowship to occupy my time for a year.

While I was down there I met a plastic surgeon who is into cast iron cooking. He goes on all these crazy adventures into the backwoods of Montana. He kayaks, fishes, hunts and does all this other non 'girly-man' type stuff. My readers might know someone else who does that sort of thing. Anyway talking to him gave me the idea to update my camping food posts with a few pictures. You can find them here:

Camping Food 1
Camping Food 2
Camping Food 3
Camping Food 4
Camping Food 5

My flight down there was a bit complicated. Kansas City got destroyed by an ice storm. It was like Godzilla attacked us or something.

Quite a change from the summer isn't it? The smoke in the background is from my burn pile. My county allows open burning, so those downed branches in the ice picture will be no problem.

My flights were canceled. I had to make other arrangements, and those flights were delayed and almost canceled. Anyway it was all worth it. When I finally arrived at the interview (several hours late) I was delighted to find some Mississippi-Style BBQ.

They had a spread of pulled pork, BBQ chicken, beans, potato salad and a pudding desert layed out. One of these times I will have to do a few BBQ posts when the weather warms up.