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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe the Plumber

You all may remember that filthy wealth redistributionalist Che Guevera? If not, he was a murderer and torturer who believed that he had a right to steal from you and give the money to someone else. Apparently Obama, with his "we're going to spread the wealth around" comment, has at least something in common with Che Guevera.

For whatever reason, Che Guevera literally became a poster boy for the political left in the United States. Andy Warhol did a screen printing of Che Guevera that is fairly famous.

Last night's presidential debate has elevated Joe the Plumber to a household name. He is now the Anti-Che-Guevera. Because of his new status I made a quick screen printing of Joe the Plumber.

That is my tribute to those who respect all rights, including personal property rights.