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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rainbow Cafe, Red Oak Iowa

I got a report from our man in the field about a road trip he made all the way down to Red Oak, Iowa.
While he was there he stopped in a famous eatery called the Rainbow Cafe. Since you ask, of course he got the carp!
Our man in the field writes:

Regarding the carp, this is the second time I've had it. It has no overly fishy or muddy taste as one might suspect. I would say it tastes something like catfish. There was one piece that resembled a fillet as it was flat, but had bone in it. The other piece was more of a cross-section of the fish with large bones. They get it from a place in Omaha called Joe Tess fish market or some such thing. It goes extremely well with a top line classic like Old Style. However I think if Falstaff were still available it would be even better.
It looks pretty tasty but for me to eat carp it would have to be in the Rainbow Cafe with an Old Style and lots of hot sauce.

Rainbow Cafe
105 W Market St
Red Oak, IA 51566
(712) 623-4003