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Sunday, December 30, 2007

How to Reheat a Caramel Pecan Roll

I used to go and stay at my grandpa's farm quite a bit. Because it was out in the middle of nowhere the chances were that if you had a caramel pecan roll it was a couple days old. The challenge is to make a 3 day old caramel pecan roll palatable. It turns out you can do much better than that.

When my grandpa was a cook at the girl's dorm at William Penn University he used to take caramel pecan rolls, slice them in half and grill them in butter. The rolls were a HUGE hit.

First you have to heat a cast iron skillet and drop in a little butter. Then you slice the pecan roll in half like a hamburger bun. Drop the pecan roll into the butter and grill for a little bit.
When it is done the roll should be just starting to brown like this:
The next thing to do is reassemble the roll on a plate like nothing happened.