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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Trip to Bernheim

We went to Bernheim again this weekend. It seems like every time we go we discover something new. According to the Sibley Guide to Birds we saw a purple martin.

We also saw another bird. I am not certain what this bird is but I have an idea. I have seen other bluebirds at Bernheim but I haven't seen one like this one:
Instead of having an orange belly he had a blue belly. That would make him a "mountain bluebird". I saw two today. I'm not sure if I made the correct identification though, because if he is a mountain bluebird he is only the second one seen in Kentucky.

We had a really good walk. We stopped by the new swamp.
Here is someone who didn't want to leave.

When we were about to leave we spotted the naughty mockingbird. We didn't so much as spot him as hear him reproducing the calls of about 12 different birds.