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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Triple Cross

I just finished reading the book Triple Cross. It was suggested to me by our man in the field from Ledyard. It is set in Louisville in the 2 weeks prior to Derby - in other words RIGHT NOW!

I read the book on my flights to and from Fort Dodge last week. As a result of those flights something so important is brewing right now that it is Earth shattering in nature, at least as it concerns me and my family. In fact, the things that are happening right now in my life are so monumental that it almost merits another blog. More on those fronts later.

For now, I will give the book Triple Cross a rating of 8.75/10. I really enjoyed reading the book. The setting is in Louisville and the author captures the town pretty well in the novel. All of the things mentioned in the book are pretty similar to the things I have encountered in Louisville. Also I jog in the neighborhood most mentioned in the book. If you are in the mood for a a decent mystery, check out or 'man in the field recommended' mystery novel Triple Cross. Its a quick read and I enjoyed it thoroughly.