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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

CSI: Fort Dodge

Yesterday morning we were sitting drinking coffee and reading the paper. We were really enjoying ourselves when our dog ran down the stairs and did a couple running loops around the kitchen. Her odd behavior led us to believe that she needed to go outside urgently. So we put her outside.

A couple minutes later we started smelling burnt toast. Actually I didn't smell anything because I have a stuffy nose right now. The smell gradually got more and more intense. Eventually my father in law was alarmed and ran around looking for the source.

My wife's immediate thought was that she left the curling iron on and burnt down the house. They ran in and checked - no fire.

Then they tracked the smell to the bedroom and saw my black sock sitting on the corner of the unmade bed shooting flames up about a foot off the bed!

I'm going to let you stew on this mystery for a while. The crime has been solved and I have taken photos of the crime scene and even did a little reconstructive photography. I have to get back to Louisville to upload the pictures. To be continued ...