I always try to eat delicious food. Unfortunately I don't have that much money, so I have to cook a lot of it at home. But thats OK because I love cooking and I love eating at home with my wife. This is a website with my favorite recipes and a little bit of commentary.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Twice Baked Potatoes

This is my version of the all-time classic. I add cream cheese.

Twice Baked Potatoes
8 potatoes, fully baked
1 cup sour cream
1 t garlic salt
6 ounces cream cheese
a little paprika

Slice the top off of each potato and scoop out the inside, leaving a nice thin shell behind.

Dump the potato insides and all the rest of the ingredients (except the paprika) into a mixer. Mix until smooth. You might have to add a little milk. Pack the potato mixture back into the potato shells. Sprinkle with paprika.

Return to oven and bake at 425 until lightly browned on top.