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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Deep in Enemy Territory

I'm stuck in Columbus Ohio at a wound healing course. As if 2 years of training in Plastic Surgery didn't teach me enough about wound healing, the hospital wanted me to go to a special wound healing course so that I can work with their wound healing center.

For a college town, Columbus sucks. I'm sorry but it just stinks compared to Iowa City. There really isn't a "college town" feel to it. The convention center where I am taking the course keeps the air conditioning at levels that would make a penguin shiver. Of course all I brought was short sleaved stuff. So yesterday I walked to their pathetic little "campus town" area with like 3 buildings and 14 Chinese restaurants with nothing else. There was only one place to buy clothing! So I got a hoody and I couldn't pass up a pork pie hat. It was just way too cool and plus I've been wanting to buy one ever since Derby.

I've been trying to put a Jynx on their football team. I have to keep up my training this week so I have been running. Yesterday I ran a bunch of laps counterclockwise around their stadium. I hope it helps.