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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Scotch Egg!

I don't know why, but before today I had never heard of a Scotch Egg.
A Scotch Egg is a hard boiled egg, wrapped in sausage and then dipped in some sort of a batter. After the dipping it is deep fat fried! At the Minnesota state fair they are served on a stick. Scotch eggs aren't Scottish but rather English. Read all about them by clicking the link above.

I found out about Scotch Eggs because I was doing some huge case today and one of the scrub nurses mentioned them. As you might imagine I was very much intrigued. I asked where to get Scotch Eggs and she said at Irish Rover. We canceled our dinner post haste and ate there. Scotch Eggs are to die for!

Ours was served with Colman's Mustard.
It is different from the usual mustard in that it is sweeter.

DGF rating:
[**********] (10 heads exploding out of 10!!!!) (Triple must have treat, super fantastic!)