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Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Louisville Look

There is a look that I thought was peculiar to Louisville teens and early 20's. We used to go to the mall and watch for these kids. They are easy to find because they are always heading to or away from Spencer's Gifts.

Usually it is boys (not men) with women's haircuts either died jet black or jet black with some high lites. They always have on really tight women's jeans, Van's checkered shoes or Converse All Stars, concert tee shirts and white studded belts. Black studded belts are OK but white is much preferred.
Not every kid going for this look can afford or find all of the necessary components of the look. Original Clash tee shirts are hard to find. Also because of the popularity of the white studded belt, some are opting for canvas.

Notice that the youth in the above photo is missing the right shoes. He is almost there with the hair but it needs to be all one length and it needs to be dyed. His dad probably threatened him with no allowance or something. He is skinny enough but he needs to find tighter jeans. Also he needs to stop eating meat so he can develop that malnourished pasty white skin.
This one must be in a cold climate, although I have never seen a Louisville Looker in anything but a T-Shirt even in the middle of winter and there is never any evidence of a coat to be seen. I think they must get their mom's to drop them off at the mall and pick them up. The other thing about these kids is that they seem to enter the mall in weird, low traffic places, lending credence to the idea that their moms are dropping them off.
Here are a few standing outside of a store. Probably the security guard hassled them and they had to leave.

The other thing about these kids is that they always look like they are about to cry, but in a belligerent way. Emo's, the other kids that dress something like this cry all the time but in a "woe is me" sort of way. The one in this picture seems disgruntled because he has a black studded belt and not a white one.
After a while I googled a description of these kids and found out that there is a name for this look. They are called "Scene Kids."