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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The sorry state of Hawkeye football

Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, the Hawks suck this year. We're 0 - 7 for the last 7 conference games. An article in the DI today says that they're not going to quit.

No quit in Hawks - Sports

Whether they quit or not, if you don't have the talent and you don't have the coaching to win, you're not going to. We're 8 point underdogs this weekend and I have a feeling that it is going to be a lot more than 8 points. With the loss to Iowa State this year, another loosing season = Ferentz on borrowed time. I've heard it all before 'its not our fault, we have a lot of injuries.' 'Its not our fault, its a building year.' Blah Blah Blah ad nauseum. That is Cyclone talk. Iowa isn't allowed to have building years. Iowa isn't allowed to use injuries as an excuse. You don't hear Florida or USC saying that, yet they have just as many opportunities to suck because of injuries and 'building years' as we do. No excuses accepted period. Either put up or shut up. If Ferentz can't win then we need to get somebody who can ASAP. Enough of this defeatist excuse-making attitude.

On the bright side, if Iowa loses the rest of their games this year, and they probably will, our season tickets will be a lot easier to get next year! Combine a losing record with the fact that a huge percentage of the state can't get Iowa games on TV and we're golden.