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Monday, May 28, 2007


Our first night in the hills we stayed in Sturgis.

We stopped off at the Loud American Road House for dinner.
The Loud American is famous for steak tips. They are basically the ends of tenderloin that are too small to make into steaks. The Loud American prepares them in a variety of ways. I got a steak tip sandwich. I suspect that they threw a little sirloin in with the tenderloin. Some of it was pretty tough.

After dinner we toured the infamous city park.
A lot of mayhem went down in City Park during the Sturgis Ralley until they banned camping. The nail in the coffin was when the bikers burned the outhouses. We stopped off at a couple local watering holes for a coke.
The nice thing about going to the hills during the week is that we were the only people around. The bad thing is that the weather doesn't always cooperate.