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Monday, May 28, 2007


One day we took a trip through the badlands. I think we hit it at the right time of the year. There were a lot of wildflowers in certain places. Along rivers there were occasionally trees.
By the time we got into the park it was time for lunch so we stopped off at a cafe just inside the entrance to the park.
I got an excellent bowl of chili and a piece of Indian Fry Bread.
I am very happy to report on a new type of food! I am planning on a post about Indian Fry Bread later on. It is the official state bread of South Dakota. After lunch we started hiking. One of the hikes is fairly strenuous and involves climbing up a cliff.
There are a lot of nice views that you can only see if you actually hike.
I would suggest bringing some water along if you hike. You will get thirsty quickly.
I guess UPS delivers everywhere.
On our hikes we saw some wildflowers that I haven't seen before.

After our hikes we stopped by Wall for a little refreshment. The winds were blowing steadily at about 30 miles per hour.