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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Christmas Eve

When I was a kid, we usually had Christmas Eve dinner at one of the sets of grandparent's house. On both sides of the family, the tradition on Christmas eve was oyster stew for the adults and chili for the kids. I never really developed a taste for oyster stew so we have chili on Christmas Eve. When I was growing up in the public school system they had great cinnamon rolls. Cinnamon rolls appeared every other Friday, paired either with chili or tacos. I really got to like the combination of chili and cinnamon rolls, so we add cinnamon rolls to our Christmas Eve feast.

We also got to open one present on Christmas eve, so we have continued that tradition. This year the little one would not have anything to do with Santa. She was terrified of him and there was no way she was getting any pictures taken with him. She seems to be OK with gigantic stuffed animal people, so we were able to get one of her with Rudolph, although she wouldn't specifically pose with him.