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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dorm Life

I visited all of the places that I lived while I was in Iowa City. The main address was Stanley Hall Room #334.

Our room was on the 3rd floor, 2nd from the left. You can see it there in the photo. Since we have moved out they bought new air conditioners. Ours was on the lower left of the windows. We had 2 air conditioners during our 4 years in the room. The first one used to freeze up all the time and we would have to turn it off for a couple hours. The second one was used but it worked a lot better even so. We kept it on 24 hours a day from the moment we stepped into the room until we left the next summer. Yes it was on during the winter. I remember because there was a wire that was the thermostat for the air conditioner. In order to get it to turn on in the winter I would take a lighter and hold it to the wire. My room-mate still prefers his room cold as ice at night. I do too, but I haven't been able to afford that level of refrigeration since about 1996. We keep the house/apartment at 78 in the summer, just enough to control the humidity. In winter is when I really sleep well. We used to keep it at 58, but recently we have kept it at a toasty 62.