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Saturday, April 09, 2005


I just got back from Chattanooga. It was my last plastic surgery interview. I had a great time. In the airport on the way back I think I discovered a new kind of mullet.

Ordinarily when a bald or balding man has a mullet it is called a skullet. I found a guy with a skullet but it has other features. During the 1980's there was a very popular style of mullet called the Perm-mullet. A perm-mullet specimen was usually found on football players who wanted to show an aggressively sensitive side. It was very common to see a perm-mullet paired with a very muscular meathead type guy wearing a pink shirt. Country music stars are also very fond of a perm-mullet. To grow a perm mullet, you have to first grow a mullet and then get it permed in the back. So you have a dorky looking meathead type guy with short straight hair up front and a big curly ape drape in the back. Because of the sporting influence, perm-mullet wearers are usually very aggressive. Watch out if they are wearing a gold chain, especially if there is a gold cross on it.

My specimen today was very unusual. He had a skullet and a perm mullet. I have decided to call this new type of mullet a perm-skullet. He exhibited the typical skullet traits (trying desperately to hold on to lost youth etc.). I saw him drive up in a convertible brown Z-28. He was also exhibiting a few of the more aggressive characteristics of the perm-mullet. It was a very odd combination so I kept a healthy distance.