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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Beercan Chicken

Chicken on the grill is easy and tasty. There is a popular method called beercan chicken that I have found works pretty well. I went to Wal-Mart and bought beercan chicken holders. It is basically just a wire rack with a holder in the center for the beercan.

Yes ladies, that's a High Life.

To make beercan chicken you need a whole chicken. To get it ready I stuff an onion wedge in the hole in the neck so that the steam can't escape out the top. Then I rub the chicken down with ground sage and garlic salt. You can use any kind of a rub, but that one is tasty. Next open the beer and put the chicken down over the top. The holder will prop the chicken upright.

Grilling the chicken is another matter. You will need to get a good bed of coals going. Then you want to spread the coals out in a ring on the outside, leaving a space in the center. Next you can put a foil pie pan in the center which is now devoid of coals. The foil pan will catch the drippings from the chicken. The chicken is then placed on the grill in the center, over the drip pan. Grill it for an hour or so and then check it. Some of the coals may have burnt out and it may not be hot enough anymore. If that is the case you will need to add some more coals. It is a pain in the butt but you've got to do it. Also at this time I brush the chicken with melted butter. Brushing with butter helps make a nice dark brown skin on the outside. Replace the lid and grill for another 45 minutes. Now check the temperature with a meat thermometer. It should read 180 in the deepest part of the breast.

One problem that you can run into is that the top part of the chicken isn't done enough. To remedy this, just take the chicken off the holder and put it directly on the grill so that the top part gets some heat.