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Monday, January 17, 2005

What to do with leftover pork roast

I don't have any left over pork roast at the moment but a relative does! Any time I have leftover pork roast I make 1 thing and 1 thing only - Cuban Sandwiches.

I first had a Cuban in Key West. My wife and I went and stayed down at Key Largo. One day we took a trip to Key West and rented a little scooter. I wanted to get Cuban food but all of the restaurants we found looked too touristy. So we drove around the back neighborhoods a little bit and discovered that there are a lot of Laundromats. I think a lot of the people who live in Key West have apartments and probably don't have laundry in the building. If you live there you are either filthy stinking rich or poor. The other thing is that it is hotter then hell down there most of the year and who wants to heat up their house doing laundry? So anyway a lot of the Laundromats have Cuban food counters right in the Laundromat. So that's where we got Cuban sandwiches. We took our sandwiches and ate them on a deserted beach on the east side of the Island.

Cuban Sandwiches

Sliced roast pork
deli ham
sliced onions
Swiss cheese
Cuban bread or a hoagie or ciabata bread

Assemble and serve cold. Some places serve them hot without all the vegies. They also were always served with Louisiana Hot Sauce and a side of yellow rice and black beans. The place in Key West also served it with fried plantains.