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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Ever since we moved to Kentucky I have been collecting information and stories about moonshine. Unless you have lived here you won't believe me when I tell you that everyone, yes everyone down here has someone in their family who makes moonshine. Everyone has a family recipe and method for making moonshine. I have met numerous people who actually make their own moonshine and use family recipes dating back beyond memory. A lot of people have stills that were handed down through the generations.

When you talk to someone about moonshine the first thing they are going to do is deny any knowledge of it. They've never met anyone who makes it. I've heard it all before. Eventually people open up and its all they want to talk about. Moonshine is a huge part of the culture and once people know that you are not passing judgment and even appreciate the art form they'll open up to you.

So anyway I was talking to one of my medical students about his family recipe. He grew up in Eastern Kentucky and he has been around moonshine his whole life. I am currently spending every possible hour in the operating room picking his brain. I am, of course, sworn to secrecy about the actual recipe and methods but I can reveal a couple things about how moonshine is consumed in Eastern Kentucky.

He says that a very common way to consume moonshine is to mix it in varying amounts with Ale-8-1.

It is a ginger soft drink bottled in Eastern Kentucky. You can read all about it on their website.

Another common way is to get a can of cheap fruit punch and mix it.