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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Safari Plans

I just got word that there is an outrageously strong possibility I will be going to South Africa next may for some serious hunting. I'll try not to get eaten.

I've already started my preparations. Probably the most important piece of equipment you have with you besides your brain and your rifle is your pair of boots. You want a very well broken in pair of boots that are of medium weight like a good sturdy hiking boot. Yesterday I looked in my closet and found that the only pair of boots I have besides my motorcycle boots is a pair of steel toed workboots that I use when I'm cutting firewood. They're much too heavy for walking miles and miles through the jungle chasing lions and whatnot.

So I went to the Bass Pro Shop and hunted for a new pair of boots. I found the perfect pair - Vasque Sundowners!
I used to have a pair of those when I was in college and I loved them. They'll go anywhere and do anything. I was trying to sneak the purchase by the wife but the baby busted me. As soon as I walked out wearing the new boots she pointed at my feet and said "Daddy's boots!"

I got two other items. The first is a book on the History of South Africa. I figured it would be good to know a little bit about the country. The other book I bought you'll laugh at but hear me out. I bought the book Teach Yourself Zulu. Why did I get that book? It is the most commonly spoken language in South Africa. The second most common is Afrikaans. Most of the people who speak Afrikaans can speak English so I got that one covered. The people who speak Zulu are likely to be the trackers, skinners, porters etc. Wouldn't you want to know what they are saying without relying on a translator, who may or may not feel like telling you the truth? Anyway it will make it more fun. More news as this develops.