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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cuban Sandwich Showdown!

I have a thing with Cuban sandwiches. The first time I got one was in Key West. We were staying in Key Largo and drove down to Key West for the day. We rented a scooter and tooled around the island, exploring the back streets and alleys for a day. I wanted to stop for Cuban food, but the one promising restaurant was closed for the day. I noticed that a lot of laundromats had sandwich shops attached. Intrigued we stopped off at one and ordered Cuban sandwiches. The rest is history.

It turns out that the version of Cuban sandwich that we were served is particular to Key West. A traditional Cuban Sandwich is the Cuban version of a hot ham and cheese with ham and pork roast included. In key west they don't grill the sandwich and instead add lettuce and tomato.

A real Cuban sandwich has yellow mustard, Cuban Roast Pork, ham, dill pickle slices and Swiss cheese. It is served on Cuban bread which is a lot like ciabatta bread. The sandwich is then pressed in a sandwich press.
I have been making my own version at home using a panini maker I bought at Target for like $20. My naughty wife tried to sell it at our garage sale but I rescued it. I permanently disfigured it so that she will not attempt to sell it again.

Here is a photo of one of my homemade badboys.
I have been substituting proscuitto for the ham lately with great results. Easy E will no doubt notice that this sandwich has been cut on the extreme diagonal. He will no doubt be pleased, as E prefers his sandwiches cut that way.

I also made a Key West style last night to have a head to head comparison.
The only thing left to be decided is which one is better. Here they are, facing off on the plate.
They were both very fierce competitors. Which one was better? I couldn't decide so I ate them both!

PS - if you go to a Cuban dance club be sure you don't get stuck in the other version of a Cuban sandwich.