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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Upgrades complete

I'm finally done adding and subtracting from the vehicle.
I took all of the California beans and sprouts crap off, added new exhaust and tuned the carburetor. I also got rid of the banana seat and replaced the wimpy horn with a real shocker. It is one mean machine now.

I tried to get a dyno run with exhaust gas analysis done. What a nightmare. I brought the bike to Finish Line Motorcycles in New Albany Indiana. It was there from 8/2/7 to 8/11/7. It was supposed to be done the next day. I kept calling and the guy always said "hes putting it on the dyno today." Today I called and he said "I don't know, he has to go to the bank today. It might be done early next week." I decided that one thing he wouldn't be bringing to the bank was my money. I went to the shop, picked up the bike and brought it home. I'll get it done somewhere else. In the meantime it runs great!