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Monday, April 10, 2006

Man in the Field - Ledyard

I have a new man in the field! We will be getting reports from time to time on things like livestock shows, rocky mountain oyster feeds, church pot lucks and the occasional news tidbit from Ledyard.

His first submission was concerning beef commercials.

Your recipe for the Kentucky Brown (sp?) looks interesting.
If I may put in my two cents worth as an indigenous rural Iowan---- The quintessential essence of the hot beef, pork or turkey commercial can best be experienced at the cafeteria of a livestock auction salebarn like in Algona or Blue Earth, MN. That way not only do you get the food aroma, but there is a certain amount of hay, straw, livestock, and cigarette and cigar odors permeating the air.
The time- tested commercial is two slices of white bread ,(of course) filled with your choice of meat, then cut diagonally, separated enough to put in one or two generous scoops of mashed potatoes, then the entire works smothered in gravy. Nirvana!

On my last trip to Ledyard I was surprised to see a bottle of my favorite hot sauce, which apparently belongs to our man in the field.

I also learned of a breaking to the Grocery Store (seen on the left) followed by a high speed, but evidently unsuccessful car chase.

Of the incident, our man in the field says:

I didn't know anything about a high speed chase, but heard someone broke into the basement, then couldn't get upstairs as there is no way to.

No news yet on when the Broken Arrow will reopen. It was once a fine eating and drinking establishment in Ledyard. It is now a fine storage facility for collectibles like stoves, welding equipment and the like.