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Monday, March 27, 2006

Air Horn Install

This weekend I did some work on the cars. I changed the oil in my wife's car and rotated the tires. When I bought my truck there was a bed liner that came up over the side rails and covered up the tie down points. I cut some holes in it and installed some special recessing tiedown points.

Because I had a few hours left I decided to install an air horn on the truck. I've always wanted a super loud obnoxious horn. I was thinking about installing one on our Mercury but I didn't think there was enough room between the radiator and the grill to do it. There is loads of room on the truck. The first thing you do is remove the factory horn and cut the wires going to it.

On my Ranger, the horn was mounted on a piece of metal. All I had to do to mount the air horn was lengthen the piece of metal. To do that I attached an 8 inch mending bar from Lowe's. I had to drill a couple extra holes in the right places so that the horns would mount right but it was no big deal.

Then I stripped the wires that lead to the hold horn.

I attached a couple of these spatula thingies.

I mounted the airhorn and hooked up the wires.

From the front it looks pretty cool.

The horns came with this complicated relay switch and a diagram of how to hook it up but you don't really need all of that.

I drove around for a while hoping someone would cut me off but no one did. I tested the horn a few times and it echoed off the houses on either side of the street. I was on the way home and I finally got a chance to blast it off at someone. There were 2 kids throwing walnuts into the street. I decided to give them a little scare so when I got up by them I gave them a good 2 second blast. I haven't seen 2 kids scatter and run that fast in a long time. It was very satisfying.