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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hawkeye Update

I guess by now everyone knows that the Hawks beat Minnesota yesterday!

The record is now 6-5 with one game to go. Next Saturday's game will be in Kinnick against the Western Michigan Broncos at 2:35 PM central. It will be televised on the big10 network. Sadly I will be unable to watch because I will be moonlighting.

The Hawkeye Basketball team against Idaho State 58-43 Friday night. I was planning on watching but I couldn't because I had to go in to sew up some guy's face. Our pregame meal was chili with Chicago Style Hot Dogs!

The next basketball game is a home game Wednesday the 14th at 8:05PM central. It is against Northern Colorado and will be televised on the Big10 network. I will try to watch at least a little of that game.