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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hawks rely on steel curtain - Daily Iowan

2 pieces of Hawkeye related news today. The first is that I found a place to watch the Iowa vs. Iowa State game this weekend!!! I'm going to watch it on a TV in one of my attending's basement. He has a 36 inch HDTV down there and a fridge full of football pop which contains a healthy amount of hops.

Second, another article in the Daily Iowan today was about this weekend's big game. I'm a little worried now. I want to continue to see articles about how the Hawks aren't looking past this game to Wisconsin. I don't want to hear about how well we did against the last placed team in the Big East. As far as I'm concerned, we have a completely unproven team at this point in the season. The Hawks need to play every game like it is the championship game.

Hawks rely on steel curtain - Sports

I haven't looked at where the people on the team came from this year. Hopefully most of them grew up in Iowa so that they understand the rivalry here. If they look past this game and lose they will SORELY regret it. For the rest of the year they will be heckled about the outcome of this game. For Christ's sake, when I lived in Kansas City people used to put nasty notes with the score of the Iowa vs. Iowa State game on my car and I'm not a player. All I did was put a stupid bumper sticker on my car. My front license plate was also a tiger hawk but when Iowa started beating Iowa State again (3 out of the last 4) some one ripped it off my car, damaging the bumper.

For Iowa State this is even a bigger game. Most Iowa State fans secretly consider this game their bowl game. Reason being that Iowa is probably the best team they ever stand even a remote chance of beating. Think Iowa State has a chance of beating an Oklahoma or a Texas or even a beaten up Nebraska team? I know last season wasn't the greatest example of Hawkeye football but most years we field a top 25 team. We are certainly better than a Kent State or a UNI, even on our worst years. ON IOWA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!