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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Slinging the 870

This morning I mounted a sling on the ol' 870. I have a Remington 870 Express Magnum. I purchased an Unkle Mike's Swivel Set for an 870 Express. I also bought a B-Square swivel mounting kit from Cabelas.

The first step is to set up a makeshift gun bench if you don't have one already.

It doesn't have to be bomb proof. I wanted something that wouldn't mark up my table so I used a board, a vice and a Quick Grip clamp. I suppose I should have a dedicated workbench but we don't have room.

The next step is to secure your gun in the vice without marking it up. I also padded the stock where it contact the table. You don't have to screw things in too tight, just enough to snugly hold the barrel.

Next you need to mount the drill guide on the stock. The B-Square guide automatically puts the hole at 2.5" from the butt plate. 2.5" from the butt plate is where Remington recommends putting the swivel screw. Put the drill bit in the guide to make sure that everything is midline and vertical.

Next drill a 5/32" pilot hole using the drill bit provided in the kit.

The next step is to use the countersink provided in the kit to drill a 7/32" hole and countersink a little recess into the wood.

When the bit started on this hole it flaked off a tiny piece of wood from around the hole. Oh well. I guess if it was anything other than a hundred dollar gun, I would have sent it off to a professional gunsmith to have the sling mounted. It is a microscopic defect that is covered by the sling mount.

I have confirmed by direct knowledge that the local gunsmith is unreliable. I placed a large order at his sporting goods store several years ago and returned 2 weeks later. As it turned out he never sent in the order. "I got too busy" was his excuse. Unfortunately I had a hunt 3 days later so I had to drive all over the state getting the parts I needed. I'm sorry jerkoff, but if you can't handle placing an order, you are not to be trusted with my shotgun or with any future business.

The next step is to place the swivel screw. Coat the threads with a little Linseed oil.

The holes on the screw need to be perpendicular to the stock. You may have to use the countersink to go just a little further into the wood.

Next mount the rear clip.

The front peg is a lot easier to install. All you have to do is unscrew the cap on the front of the magazine and screw in the cap provided with the kit.

Install the front clip.

I bought an old school Remington leather sling from Cabelas. Now I am ready to head into the woods!