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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

NY Pizza #3

I continue to experiment with the NY style pizza. I haven't used the dough from the last batch but I am planning on using it tonight. Report to follow. I am in the process of ratcheting up the amount of water in the dough a little at a time. The reason I am doing that is because my goal is large and different sized bubbles in the crust. From past experience, the more water you have in the dough, the more it will meet that goal. I am trying to find a balance point where the dough has as much water in it as possible without becoming a pain in the butt to work. The last dough was 65% and so far it has behaved very well. I will have a report on how it was to shape later. The next dough I am going to make is going to be 67% hydration.

Here is the dough formula:

NY Pizza #3
Flour 100%
Water 67%
Salt 2.25%
Yeast 0.75%

For 2 14 inch pizzas, the ingredients will be as follows:

NY Pizza #3
Gold Medal Better for Bread Flour - 517 grams
Tap Water - 346 grams
Sea Salt - 13 grams
Yeast - 4 grams

For detailed instructions on how to convert Baker's Formulas to weights, see this post. The instructions are towards the bottom.