I always try to eat delicious food. Unfortunately I don't have that much money, so I have to cook a lot of it at home. But thats OK because I love cooking and I love eating at home with my wife. This is a website with my favorite recipes and a little bit of commentary.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Dreaming of Dinner - Recipe to follow

Last weekend we bought this huge ham from Sam's Club. It didn't look that big until it came out of the oven. I guess that is because everything at Sam's Club is big, and it was only $20. When was the last time you saw a Black Forest Smoked Ham go for anything less than a mint unless it was just a few shavings from the deli counter? So anyway we have been eating ham since Saturday. First it was ham with acorn squash and a potato casserole. Then it was ham and swiss on onion buns with red beans and rice. Then it was another Ham and swiss on onion buns with red beans and rice (I liked it so much the first time). Yesterday we had ham fried rice. Tonight we are planning on making these ham sandwiches from a recipe that my grandmother had since back in world war 2 times. We are also planning on eating some acorn squash and a salad with the sandwiches. Later on I will post all but the salad recipe, as anyone can make a salad.